ashe county north carolinaFor the best getaway imaginable, vacation rentals in NC mountains are a wonderful choice for true R&R. Whether you’re eyeballing vacation homes or would prefer a remote cabin rental with the backdrop of mountain views, there is something for you here in North Carolina. Outside of the general appeal of isolation and outdoor activities, many wonder if a mountain retreat would make a better vacation than a week at the beach. If you’re struggling to conjure up the reasons to pack your bags for a mountain vacation, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of our favorite reasons to choose the North Carolina mountains!

Reasons Why NC Mountain Vacations are the Best

You can’t go wrong with booking that romantic getaway mountain rental within NC’s Blue Ridge Mountains. For the epitome of scenic sights and relaxing hiking trails, no place compares to North Carolina. Let’s dive into a few of our top reasons why trips to the NC mountains make for the best getaways.

The NC Adventures Are Endless

It’s true. You will be hard pressed to run out of ideas for things to do in North Carolina. Both indoors and outdoors, there exists seemingly limitless opportunities to explore and experience. We’ve already mentioned the hiking trails. But there are other options like skiing, golfing, fishing, and ziplining. Grab a mountain bike to add an extra bit of spice to the outdoor adventuring you’re undertaking! There’s plenty to be experienced inside, too. From art galleries to cool boutiques for funky shopping trips, the entire family will find something to occupy themselves! Relax inside your mountain cabin with the wood burning, illuminating the earthy room. The sky’s the limit!

NC Has the Best Food Scene

nc diningEvery state has its merits. But not every state can say that their food scene is amazing. Okay, maybe they can say it, but is it true? In North Carolina, it is! Aside from its knack for delicious, award-winning barbecue, much of NC’s food scene is varied and equally mouthwatering. Regardless of whether you prefer hanging out at a dainty cafe or taking a loved one out to a fancy restaurant, North Carolina has something for you. There exists a variety of cuisines, too! So no matter your tastes or preferences, you’ll be certain to find options to satisfy the entire family or group.

Shop ‘Til You Drop in NC

In addition to the wide array of remarkable dining options, North Carolina also is fit to bust with shopping venues. Are you in the mood for top brands to add to your wardrobe? Or perhaps you’re seeking unique, one-of-a-kind gifts to bring back to the family. No matter which camp you’re in, you’ll find it in the High Country of North Carolina! There are also quite a lot of galleries and antique stores around these parts. You may just find the next best thing that you didn’t even know you were missing.

Embrace Your Creative Side

Not many people think of North Carolina as a bustling hub for creative expression. However, we’d argue that the art scene is alive and well around here! In Ashe County alone, you’ll find a variety of art galleries and creative venues to nurture your artistic side. Festivals and music shows abound as well. With thousands of local talented artists being featured, you’ll be impressed with what there is to discover between towns like Asheville and West Jefferson. Whether you want to spend a day at a larger art museum with the family or set your sights on a casual afternoon of window shopping for some new decorations, you’ll find it in North Carolina’s mountain towns.

Uncover the Beauty of North Carolina

affordable country homeAfter experiencing the rustic beauty of the High Country, you might just find yourself eyeballing the North Carolina real estate market. Many vacationers have quickly become residents due to the leisurely life and fun times to be had here. If you’re interested in starting fresh and new, there’s no better place to consider than the NC mountains! Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or anything inbetween, choose Century 21 Heritage Realty. We’re the Ashe County real estate experts! We’ll bring professionalism and years of experience to the table. So stop dreaming of your next steps, and start walking towards them! C21 Heritage Realty is ready to help. Give us a call at 1-800-865-4221. We can’t wait to connect you with the home of your dreams!