snowy mountainsWhen it comes to booking the ideal destination vacation, North Carolina is unlikely to be the immediate choice to pop into someone’s head. However with its national forests, mountain views, and endless supply of hiking trails, it serves as no surprise that the Blue Ridge Mountains are rapidly becoming a popular option for romantic getaways and family retreats. If you’ve been pondering whether a beach trip is the way to go versus an isolated weekend at a mountain cabin, we certainly have a suggestion for you: the North Carolina mountains. So start eyeballing those vacation rentals and packing those bags! Because we’ve got four phenomenal reasons why you should consider vacation cabins in the NC mountains for your next big trip.

Top Four Reasons to Vacation in North Carolina

If you ask pretty much anyone where they’d love to go for their next vacation, you more than likely won’t be hearing North Carolina as the answer. However, we’d like to think that once you’ve taken a gander at some of our top reasons to vacation in NC, you’ll be scouting out the best prices for vacation homes. Let’s take a look at why some Smoky Mountains cabins should be on your radar!

  1. The Blue Ridge Mountains. Being a coastal state, North Carolina undeniably has gorgeous beach venues. However, did you know that the state also boasts the highest peak in eastern mainland North America? Mount Michell is the name, at 6,636 feet is its game, standing as the king of the Appalachian Mountains. With a slew of state parks and peaceful hiking spots, you won’t regret a leisurely stroll through the Blue Ridge Mountains or a scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  2. The sandy beaches. Who doesn’t love a day of fun in the sun and sand in your shorts? Okay, maybe not the sand in the shorts part. But the glistening waters and soft white sand of the outer banks are great enough reason alone for a trip to North Carolina. The Outer Banks feature 200 miles of fun outdoor activities that the entire family can enjoy along the beach. From kayaking, swimming, fishing, and even hand gliding, you won’t regret setting aside time to scout out this vacation option.
  3. The craft beer. This reason is not entirely family friendly. However, for romantic road trips or team building retreats, you will find solace in the fantastic craft beer scene. Raleigh in particular has grown to become known as one of the country’s top five options for a satisfying craft beverage! Further, Asheville also has a local nickname of “Beer City”. So, you won’t go wrong with sampling your options there as well. With more than 11 microbreweries within the city, the entire squad will find something to satisfy their tastes and preferences!
  4. The BEST Barbecue. That’s right. We said it. North Carolina’s barbecue scene is unlike any other. There is a reason why the state has become known for it. It’s delicious! With a classic vinegar-focused sauce, it pairs magnificently with hush puppies, pulled pork, baked beans, and coleslaw. Delicious! Top it all off with a huge cup of sweet tea, and you’ll be in for a meal that you’ll likely never forget. Food in North Carolina is certainly no joke!

Work with NC’s Cabin Rental Experts

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