Things to Look for When Buying Your Forever Home

So you’re on the hunt for the home you’ll call forever—firstly, congrats!—just as buying your first home was an exciting new chapter, finding the spot you’ll call yours for many years to come is much the same.

As just like purchasing your first home, there are certain things to look out for. Of course, many of these things can be true of any home buying process, but when you are considering forever, you want it to be the perfect fit.

So here is a quick list of things to keep your eyes out for when buying your forever home:

1. Location, location, location
You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times. You can change almost anything about a
home, but you can’t change where it’s located. Keep in mind proximity to your work, fun things
to do, neighborhood walkability, safety, and other factors that are important to you.

2. Natural light can make or break a home
Just like location, you can’t change the natural lighting in a home (other than adding more
windows and doors which can be a costly expense). Pay attention to which direction the home is facing, and as you tour how much light is filling the rooms. You would be surprised how much a dark or light room can affect your mood and what you can do with the space.

3. So can bathrooms…
Like lighting, bathrooms are the underdog make-or-break element in a home. Mainly because
though most are small, updating, renovating, or adding a bathroom can be a huge expense. Of
course, any homeowner should make changes to fit their needs and design preferences, but just keep it in mind as you think about how you’ll use the future space. Do you need bathrooms on all floors? How many do you actually need? Etc.

4. Landscape maintenance
Lawn and garden care can be a tricky and time consuming element to owning a home. Likely if you’ve owned a home before you already know this. Of course, if you are an outdoors lover and a natural green thumb, having a large yard and garden may be a pro to you, but for someone that isn’t, pay special attention to the homes outdoor spaces just as you would its interiors. You don’t want to be saddled with work you don’t want to do or pay for.

5. Pay attention to layout and prioritize spaces with value
‘Spaces with value’ can be anything you deem important to you and your life. Most often that
the home’s kitchen, bedrooms, or bathrooms. But what about a space for your creative
endeavors? Or a garage for the car fanatic? Or a sun room for the plant lover? Identify what is
important to you and your life and ensure your future home can support that. Similarly, layout
will play an important role too. Do you want bedrooms on the first floor only, or is second fine,
too? Do you need a powder room as you enter through the front door? Pay attention to
proximity and layout and fine what flows for you.