homes for sale in ashe countyThe home selling process can be daunting, cumbersome and a waiting game that tests your wits. Understanding your own needs with regards to the sell and having a reliable seller’s agent working for you is key. Chances are, if you are selling a property, you’ve already cleaned it, fixed it up, scrutinized it, changed it again, staged it, changed it again, and cleaned it again. There really is no end to the cleaning when you are trying to sell a property, is there? Help is here! Century 21 Heritage Realty in West Jefferson offers you some little discussed secrets that all revolve around etiquette and the way that you treat potential buyers of your home. We always focus on the property, the real estate itself. And yes, that is what the sale is all about, however your behavior as a seller factors heavily into a buyer’s mind. Here are some steps tips on how to stay in their best light. If you are looking for assistance and help in selling a property in Ashe County’s areas of West Jefferson, Jefferson, Lansing, Creston, Clifton, Grassy Creek, and Pond Mountain. We work with people all over the Mountain Empire area, Ashe County, Alleghany, Avery, Wilkes, and Watauga. Contact us if you need help selling. We will list it in our homes for sale in Ashe County NC listings.

Step 1  – LEAVE the house when they are viewing it.

Lots of selling parties would like to remain in the home while their home is being showed by a Ashe County real estate agent, or during an open house. They like to talk shop and provide facts about their home. This is not the best scenario for selling your home though. Buyers do not like to have the awkward conversation of talking to you about the things they do not like about your house. Just don’t attend these events. If you remain in the background and keep your distance, your presence will still be felt and then you will have the added awkwardness of people wondering why you are there but not really being all that social. It is a lot easier for people to imagine themselves at ‘home’ in your home, if you are not there. People do not like to feel spied on.

Step 2 – When you Leave during Step 1, take your pets with you. Yes, we said it!

We love household pets. They are a part of our family, too. Dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, ferrets, birds, snakes, lizards, etc. We love them all. We are realtors, let it be known that we know the family pet is a part of your f-a-m-i-l-y. We love everyone. However, not everyone is us. Just because you love your animal, and we love your animal, and it is adorable does not mean that a buyer will feel the same way. Some potential buyers could also be allergic to your pet. People do not like to be met with a strange animal that they do not know when they are looking at their next dream home. Lastly, if you still need to be convinced to take Fido with you when you leave during the next open house event in your home, think of his anxiety. Pets get anxious (which usually leads to anxiety behavior like BARKING, ugh!) when new people enter their spaces.

Step 3 – Take your Car(s) with You!

When your home is being showed make it as easy as possible for visitors to park and view the property. That means moving your vehicles, equipment and any other items from the parking spaces. Creating a parking issue prior to the potential buyer from seeing the inside of your home creates a negative energy before they ever get to the good stuff. It’s smart to provide transportation if you are in a neighborhood and are planning an open house event with limited parking.

Step 4 – Leave Important Documents on Hand / Lay Them Out

This ensures that the common questions will get answered quickly and will be backed with documentation. This etiquette rule is one that a lot of people forget, thus leaving these details up to selling and buying agents to hash out. But, if you leave these documents out in a place that they can be reached and looked at during your viewing, this is a nice added touch, even if the potential buyer doesn’t even look at them. They are there, that is all that matters. It’s the thought that counts. Documents such as the home inspection report, appraisal, home warranty info, monthly bill information, gas, oil, electric, and proof of major repairs are commonly requested documentation and things that people often bring up during tours.

Step 5 – Leave Cookies and Water

It’s not quite cookies and milk for Santa, but it goes a long way to create an environment that is welcoming, friendly and imaginative. People house hunting often are eating on the run, or worse, they have forgotten to pack snacks and are in such a rush that they do not eat. Offering lovely snacks that are presented nicely and having bottled water on hand for them to take as they come and view is a nice thought. Mints, crackers, cookies are all nice refreshments.

Step 6 – Become a Patient Peter or Polly

This is the hard one. Patience is not something that you can just imagine and receive immediately. But, there are ways of keeping your mind occupied and your hands busy enough that you overlook how much time you are spending wondering and waiting for an offer or answer. Think about it this way. When you bought a property, did you weigh the details and options for a period of time? Chances are, the potential buyers that have viewed your property are still mulling over their options and each detail. Your selling agent will most definitely give you up to the hour updates. As soon as an offer is made or a question comes through, you’ll be the first one to know about it.

Step 7 – Don’t be Greedy

Everyone wants to get the most for their home and everyone wants a little extra on top of what they sell their home for, to use as padding for projects, future home buys, and other ideas. Certainly, you should get the best deal for your home that you possibly can, but you do not want to create an environment that portrays you as being unwilling to negotiate on your asking price. The bottom line is definitely what everything is about to a seller, however, think about it this way, you might be setting yourself up for a long wait time on the sale of your home, and thereby no money coming in, if you are un-moving even after the market seemingly gives you all the signs that it is not going to bear what you would like it to. If your Ashe County realtor makes some suggestions to you about improvements that may help you sell the home faster, try and listen and take them in the best light. They only want to help you sell your home the fastest. It is to their benefit as well. Don’t take these conversations personally. Try and be flexible in the areas that you can.