Home Listings Ashe CountyIt can be tricky being an Ashe County Real Estate agency. Many of our properties are very rural and sometimes that steers folks in a different direction. It isn’t bad to be a bigger fan of the city than the country, go for what works for you. We at Century 21 Heritage Realty love the rural country life. That is why we’ve come up with a few benefits of living in a small town.

1) “Cheers” had it right when they said “Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.” Living in a small town gives a greater chance to meet and get to know more people. It’s better for the soul when you have a small community of folks you can hold a conversation with.

2) You learn to appreciate the outdoors. When there aren’t close jammed buildings, sidewalks, roads and businesses everywhere, you learn to walk in the warm grass with your bare feet. You can take a walk through a field and find a creek you never knew was there. You can breathe fresh air and you feel like you’re taking a deep breath for the first time. When you’re in the outdoors, you never know what wonders you will see or adventures you’ll come across.

3) Exercising doesn’t have to be done in a gym. In a small town, there are more likely to be trails and less crowded sidewalks to use for your morning jog. Most of the time, if you get out at the right time of the day, you can even run or bike on the main roads. It’s all perfectly safe, unlike those major city highways.

4) Heavier emphasis on traditional values. Typically, small towns have their mannerisms that people stick to. People will expect you to be more polite. There is a level or respect that is expected in a small town. With smaller, tight knit churches, traditional family values are more dominant in rural communities.

5) Smaller towns tend to hold their own traditions – which means more festivals and appreciation for artisan craft! The High Country is full of culture and tradition. You can almost always find a festival on any given fall weekend, and there are so many local businesses with a craft trade. From pottery to craft beer, you never know what you’ll come across. Small towns always tend to support their local artists as well.

Century 21 Heritage Realty understands if crickets at night are too overwhelming and you need the bustling atmosphere of a city. The country doesn’t appeal to everyone, but if rural tranquility is more your speed, we have you covered as your premier Ashe County Real Estate agency. Give us a call today to see what listings we have available and we’ll find you the country home of your dreams.