Everyone has their own vision of what the ideal dream home looks like. For some, a luxury condo overlooking a private beach is the picture of perfection. However for some others, the idea of life up in the mountains presents the ultimate retirement or general getaway. When it comes to that cozy, isolated hilly retreat, there’s no better place to look than the High Country of North Carolina. Mountain cabins and log homes abound around here. And the view? Magnificent! Breathe in the fresh air as you gaze upon the captivating Blue Ridge Mountains. That is the dream for someone considering North Carolina mountain log cabins for sale. If this sounds like the life you’ve always wanted, then what are you waiting for? Consider Ashe County, NC! 

The Allure of Life in Mountain Cabins

home in the countrysideLife in the mountains certainly presents a lot of appealing aspects. While not everyone wants to live a life of complete seclusion, there is something to be said for the peace and quiet that comes with building or buying a home in a remote part of the country. Real estate opportunities are certainly in no short supply around Ashe County’s High Country. So if mountain life beckons you, the opportunities are absolutely here! As you begin packing up your bags and pondering the verbage for that work resignation letter, you might just be looking for further reason to commit to this sort of life change. Well, we’ve got you covered. As though you needed more reasons than the beautiful landscape alone, here are a few advantages to living in the mountains.

Advantages to Mountain Living

Life in the mountains just can’t be beat. Many of us can casually observe the immediate benefits to choosing an isolated log home or cozy cabin as our forever home. But outside of the obvious pleasures that come with a quieter and more peaceful life, there are some perks to bidding adieu to the hustle and bustle that comes with traditional city life. Let’s take a look at some of those advantages that follow living in the mountains of North Carolina!

  1. Mountain living encourages more physical activity. It’s true that you can be active pretty much anywhere, but certain environments pose greater obstacles to getting outside and burning off those extra Starbucks frappuccinos. Although basking in the sun alongside a seashore can provide a lot of internal inspiration, there just aren’t as many opportunities for hearty exercise as there are in the mountains.

    There is just something special about seeing the snow-capped hills in the distance. It just makes you want to lace up those hiking boots and set out on your own nature-driven adventure! Even if advanced hikes hold no personal appeal for you, North Carolina in particular offers a variety of novice trails that can still get you moving, while not requiring you to brave uncharted territory entirely. So regardless of your commitment level to spending time with Mother Nature, one thing is for certain. Life in the mountains beckons us all to take a couple extra steps each day. And even better? To stop and observe the flora and fauna around us.

  2. Life in the mountains may combat heart disease. According to some studies, altitude lowers the risk of obesity-related issues. In addition to that, some research implies that individuals who occupy homes at higher altitudes have a gene activated that greatly diminishes the risk of death related to ischemic heart disease. That’s pretty huge! Considering the fact that over 600,000 people die of heart disease within the United States every year (per the CDC), this is quite the motivator for considering life up in the mountains.

  3. The air in the mountains tends to be fresher and cleaner. I doubt we have to necessarily invoke research to support the concept that clean air is superior to sullied, factory-induced polluted air. But for those in doubt, there are definitive advantages to breathing in clean air. Among them is the diminished likelihood of asthma and other respiratory issues. Further, breathing in crisp, clean mountain air carries with it lowered stress and increased likelihood of restful sleep. And we all know how valuable more sleep and lowered stress can be for overall health! So breathe in that fresh air and enjoy that extra energy boost that accompanies a good night’s rest.

Elevate Your Happiness and Altitude

North Carolina Mountain Log Cabins for SaleWe’ve only listed just a few of the many reasons why pursuing the next chapter of your life within the North Carolina mountains brings more good than you could imagine. If you’re ready to elevate the altitude of your home and your quality of life, then don’t delay. Get in touch with Ashe County’s most trustworthy realtors at Century 21 Heritage Realty.

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