There is practically no better way to mentally reset and regroup than a relaxing vacation getaway. And what better place to host said getaway than the North Carolina mountains? With a suite of hiking trails and breathtaking mountain views at every angle, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option for getting away from the hustle and bustle of modern day to day living than this. Take a look! If you’re ready to stand upon a gorgeous mountain top or snuggle up close to a loved one in a cozy cabin rental, then look no further than NC mountain rental cabins. This part of the country isn’t just for romantic getaways or hiding away from modern stressors. There’s plenty to do with the whole family, kiddos included. Check out these fun NC ideas to be had for families with children.

Family Fun North Carolina Vacation Ideas

new river canoe raceThere are a whole lot of reasons to peruse the NC mountain rental cabins available as you plan your family fun vacation. From the gorgeous sights to be had from the Blue Ridge Mountains to scenic drives along the Blue Ridge Parkway or an evening in the rental hot tub—there’s plenty to see and do both indoors and outdoors. Oftentimes families are curious if their vacation getaway will have enough to keep the kids entertained. Rest assured, North Carolina is a great choice for families with younger and older children in tow! Here are some fun ideas for those planning an NC trip with kiddos in tow.

Try the State Parks

Thanks to the phenomenal mountain views, North Carolina has rapidly seen an increase in vacation homes and vacation rentals to accommodate the influx of distant onlookers who want to take in the sights a bit more closely. If your family enjoys outdoor adventures in particular, this is the perfect place to nurture that passion. NC is known for its robust system of state parks. What’s even better is that several of them offer free admission. There presently exists over forty parks littered throughout the state of North Carolina. One of our personal favorites is Grandfather Mountain State Park. Children often enjoy the swinging bridge it offers. So, make sure you add this to your list of places to see!

Grab Your Fishing Poles

fishing poleWhether you’re one who appreciates the thrill of the catch or you just like laying low on a boat, North Carolina’s fishing scene is the perfect choice for a family with children. While many vacationers might argue that fishing along the coastal side of NC is really where it’s at, there is something to be said for the more remote options available among the mountains. Either way, it’s a terrific opportunity to teach your children patience and foster a sense of unity as you idle in your rowboat and wait for the perfect catch.

Try White Water Rafting

Some families may derive great fulfillment and pleasure from a quiet afternoon of fishing. Others, however, might like a bit more pep in their step. Or splash. Cue whitewater rafting! North Carolina steps up to the plate in providing a vast array of phenomenal options for this specific activity. Within the Smoky Mountains in particular, you’ve got places such as Carolina Outfitters that is guaranteed to provide the family a good time. So grab your water shoes and any safety gear you might need. You’ll be in for a treat as you fight the rapids as a family unit. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Work with NC’s Best Realty Group

land realtorIt doesn’t take many trips to North Carolina before folks realize that this dream destination can become a permanent residence. The real estate market is booming as newcomers soak up the sights and partake in the host of activities to be experienced. If you are considering relocating to this scenic part of the country, then you’re in luck. Get in touch with NC’s best realty group. You’re going to want an agency with experience and professionalism. You’re going to want Century 21 Heritage Realty. Don’t delay in transforming your dreams into a reality! Call C21 Heritage Realty’s team of phenomenal real estate agents a call today at 1-800-865-4221.