The price of a log cabin varies greatly depending on the size, age, materials used, and where it is located. You can pay less than $100,000 or you could pay millions for a log cabin for sale in the North Carolina mountains. If you are trying to narrow your search for log cabins for sale in NC under $100,000 you could check out our search MLS feature and view properties for sale in this price range. You will find several noteworthy properties listed currently in Ashe and Alleghany county.

Log cabins are built to last. In the bygone days of the pioneer period, people took a lot of time to build their cabin and planned every detail that it was comprised of. Plans were made on location based on conserving heat, foundations were laid using native rock found in the area, and logs were cut on the property and joined by a clay mixture. These days log cabins might be made using a kit where materials are provided by a log cabin manufacturer. Some are comprised of pieces that are already assembled and a plan that includes attaching the pieces together.
The $100,000 listing price or less certain does limit your options a bit. At any given time, you’ll find a few properties listed for sale on the MLS that are less than $100,000 and often they will be cabins, or properties that you could make cozier like a cabin with a few little detail changes. From time to time, you will find log cabins for sale in NC under $100,000 in the wilderness areas of the High Country. You would be hard pressed to find a property like this for sale within town limits, given the current Ashe County home values.

If you can spring for a bit more, the extra money that you spend will go far. If you spend around $130,000 your options open a bit more and there are more homes that you will find for sale.