The Home Values in Ashe County are much like the rest of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountain area known as the High Country. You can find some fantastic deals on large tracts of mountain acreage with homes that you will likely want to tear down and rebuild, and then other home listings that are on the higher end of your budget that feature a few of your wishlist items.

Home values in Ashe County and the rest of the mountains largely depend on their amenities, neighboring prices/sale values and what they are nearby to. For instance, homes for sale in Ashe County that are located close into the New River, West Jefferson and other popular features in the county tend to be more than cabins for sale in Ashe County that are further out of town. If a property has extensive flat lands attached to it and it’s close in to the amenities in the center of town you can be sure you’ll pay more for it than for a home that might be larger in size that is located further out in the county from the cities of West Jefferson and Jefferson.

Historic homes for sale in Ashe County tend to be worth more and are harder to find as property owners hold onto properties with a history in the area. Several commercial downtown West Jefferson real estate properties have historical value and are rarely ever up for sale.

If you have questions about home values in Ashe County and listing a property that you own in the county, we would be glad to assist you. We can speak to you about the options that you have for selling the Ashe County property and the process for doing so. We can do an analysis on nearby properties that are similar and advise you on what the best price to list the real estate for would be.

There has never been a better time to buy Ashe County real estate than right now. Interest rates are dropping and there are quite a few properties to select from or invest in in the county’s real estate listings. You can perform a search using our Search MLS feature. We would be glad to represent you as a buyers agent, or sellers agent, or both if you are looking to sell and then buy another property. We are knowledgeable about the ways in which you can use deferments and other exchanges to save money on taxes when buying and selling real estate. We would be glad to give you proper advice on best practices. Let’s discuss your needs.