Whether you are a seasoned pro at moving or a first-time home buyer, we all know that the actual process of moving can be a hassle. From door-to-door, there’s a grocery list of tasks to-do, but we’ve collated our top suggestions and reminders so that you don’t have to stress (as much).

Here’s our top 5 tasks to remember when moving into a new home.

1. Update your address
What was once an extremely tedious task has thankfully been streamlined thanks to the USPS’s online change-of-address platform. As early as 90 days out from your intended move, you can set up your forwarding address so that all mail, starting on a set date, will redirect to your new home. What’s even better; most people usually receive a promotional packet in the mail with stacks of great coupons for dozens of online retailers—perfect for when you are furnishing a new home.
2. Take time off work
Rome wasn’t built in a day and (very rarely) will a move be complete in one day, either. Take ample time off so you are not managing the two stressors. Focusing on moving will overall help get the job done faster.
3. Transfer Utilities
Another formerly tedious task made fairly simple thanks to utility online platforms. Make sure you transfer over utilities such as internet, electricity, cable, and whatever other service you may use.
4. Take pictures of your valuable items
Before you begin to pack, take inventory of your most valuable items—whatever those items may be for you. This way, you ensure that everything made the trip safely.
5. Do a walkthrough
Doing a walkthrough of your new home prior to moving in is a great way to take stock of
potential fixing to be done as well as prepping the space for moving your items in. You can do
this by either taking photos or simply writing a list as you move from room to room. Items may
include: Caulking the shower, replacing an outlet cover, or repairing a section of floor or