Century 21 Heritage Realty is a real estate firm prepared to assist you with your purchase if you are searching for cabins for sale in North Carolina. We are based in the Blue Ridge, in a western county known as Ashe County. Our county borders that states of Virginia on the north end, and Tennessee on the western portion. We offer real estate for sale in NC mountains that features fantastic elevation ranges, without being exceptionally tortuous like the nearby Black Mountain range, which includes the highest mountains in the Eastern United States.

Instead of the tallest mountains in the eastern U.S., Ashe County’s mountains range elevation from 2,480 feet near the lowest portions of the county along the ancient New River, and 5,195 feet above sea level at the peak area near Elk Knob. This peak is simply called, The Peak, however it is very different from the average elevation of Ashe County, which hovers somewhere near 3000 feet, despite other tall peaks in the area, such as Mount Jefferson towering above the county.

For centuries our remote area has been a secret among wealthy second home and retirement home property owners and a beloved hunting ground for those seeking refuge in nature. There are several properties that are available on the Ashe County real estate multiple listing service right now that are ideal if you are searching for cabins for sale in North Carolina. No matter what type, there’s something for you.

cabins for sale in north carolina

Types of Cabins for Sale in North Carolina

Log Cabins for Sale

Log cabins come in all shapes and sizes and were a favorite type of structure that the settlers to the area built in the late 18th century. There are still a few remnants of these primitive structures scattered about the area. Many are now historical points of interest, such as the Hutchinson Homestead located at Stone Mountain State Park in Roaring Gap. Older log cabins and log-built homes can be found. Most are usually labeled as rustic or sold with a large sized land tract in cases where the home itself is not as salvageable.

Newer log cabins can be constructed out of most any building material and made to resemble a true log cabin. There are many builders that can build a home out of prefabricated logs and kit plans that will save you money and a great deal of time in building. Whether you are looking for an authentically built log cabin that is created in the same manner as the bygone days, or are looking to build a modern cabin with a great deal of amenities and add-ons that building methods of the 21st century affords, we can help you. We would love to discuss the type of log cabins for sale that you are looking for and show you some that will surpass your dreams.

Split Level Homes 

Split level homes is a house in which the floor levels are not uniform, as in staggered. Usually these homes have two short sets of stairs; one that leads to an upper bedroom, and one that leads downward towards a family room, or basement area. These are seen in suburban areas and has remained a popular style of house since the 1950s.

A Frame Cabins

Many cabins built in our area are A-frame or slant frame cabins. This means that their façade resembles the letter ‘A’ with a slanted roof. These can be small, or grand in size. Some A-frame homes feature portions off to each side that are attached to this main part of the home, and others are comprised solely of the area within the ‘A’. This style of home was hugely popular in the mid-20th century when various architects began constructing vacation homes in this unique style. Our area has an abundant of this style of vacation home. If you are interested in A frame types of cabins for sale in North Carolina, we’d love to show you several that will fit what you are looking for in a home or vacation home.

Rustic Farmhouse Cabins for Sale

Rustic farmhouses are well constructed and usually feature beautiful, unique details such as custom trim, custom windows and even stained glass. Several are built atop custom stone foundations, something that you will not see as often in our modern times. Shows like ‘This Old House’ and the popularity of farmhouse chic on channels such as HGTV and others have increased the popularity of home buyers searching for rustic farmhouses and these types of cabins for sale in North Carolina.

River Cabins

The New River flows through Ashe and Allegany counties creating some striking landscapes along the way. All along the river valleys you’ll see river cabins available for rent and sale. Many investors purchase these to rent out in the warmer months. They stay booked virtually all season long. When considering a river cabin, you want to be close into the river and in an area that does not flood often. Of course, living along a river there is always a threat of flooding, however the New River is at a low risk of flooding these days as it supplies water to the nearby town of Boone, North Carolina, home of Appalachian State University. The town draws water from the New River and controls its levels. We can speak with you about the different cabins for sale in North Carolina that are found along the portions of the New River that flow through our region.