Buying a home is a monumental investment that many of us dream about long before we take action. There is always much to consider, and quite a few of us are unsure how to even proceed. For those looking to relocate far from where they currently live, this reality adds additional stressors to the pile. It can be considered risky to uproot yourself or your family to a completely new state. However, life is great at throwing surprises our way! Between career-related pursuits or other life changes that accompany transience (i.e. marriage), occasionally stepping out of your element is practically unavoidable. If you’ve found yourself in need of assistance with navigating the Ashe real estate market, look no further! The expert team of agents here at Century 21 Heritage Realty are ready to help.

Mesmerizing Mountain Real Estate

Ashe County, North Carolina is a breathtakingly beautiful part of the state with plenty to do. Natural beauty abounds around here. This section of the Blue Ridge Mountains is no stranger to visitors. Both tourists from out of state and North Carolina locals can rarely get enough of the beauty to be had here in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. If your real estate goals include beautiful homes within the NC mountains, we have a team that can assist. Most of our agents are long-time residents of local mountain communities. Not only do we bring experience to our work, but we also bring High Country integrity! Mountain homes are certainly in no short supply, but as word spreads, this region is seeing a lot more newcomers. Don’t miss out on the mountain views and scenic log cabins! Let us help you find your new home.

Ashe County Real Estate Best Practices

It is no exaggeration to say that Ashe County real estate options seem practically endless. From secluded mountain cabins to more community-oriented downtown living, you’ll have ample choices on your hands! Sometimes having so many options can make the process of moving a little more stressful. Your spouse may be fascinated by the appeal of downtown West Jefferson, North Carolina, while your heart is more sold on Blowing Rock, NC. The North Carolina mountains certainly present housing options for both fans of isolation, as well as socialites. No matter your housing goals, let our compassionate and knowledgeable agents at Century 21 Heritage realty lend a hand to your West Jefferson NC real estate search! We’ll set you up for success and eliminate the stress.

Top Tips for Working with Real Estate Agents

Ashe Real Estate

So, you’ve decided that working with a realtor is going to free up time on your hands and give you the best property options available. Congratulations! Now that you’ve made the decision to add a fantastic agent to your house hunting team, make sure you keep in mind some general rules. We have built our agency on honesty, integrity, and transparency. However, not all real estate agents are created equal. Here are some of our top tips for home buyers working with realtors. No matter where you’re from or where you’re going, this advice should make for smoother sailing!

  1. Keep your appointments and avoid being late. Although this is a common courtesy we’re often reminded of, we want to highlight it again here. Your realtor has a busy schedule and other people to serve. If you’re running late, no problem. Just give them a call! Most agents love what they do and want to help, so get to know them.

  2. Build a relationship with your realtor. We feel that this also goes without saying, but get to know your agent. Not only will this make you feel more comfortable in sharing your property goals, but it allows your agent to truly connect with you. This established connection lays a solid foundation for your agent to make appropriate recommendations based on your home ownership goals. No matter whether you’re seeking commercial or residential properties, being transparent with your agent helps them give you more accurate suggestions.

  3. Recognize that your agent works on a commission. Commission-based work is often the reality of real estate work. Sometimes folks are wary of the fact that their agents get paid based on whether or not they secure a sale. However, we think this is quite promising for clients! Since your realtor likely doesn’t see a dime until the transaction is closed, they are exceedingly motivated to do great work for you. As the expression goes, the customer is always right! This rings quite true in the world of real estate agents, too. If you’re happy, your realtor is happy.

  4. Always request to see and sign an agency agreement. First time property purchasers may not be aware of this, but agents are required by law to provide clients with an agency disclosure. Although this document’s contents will vary from state to state, it illuminates quite a few details regarding your relationship with your particular realtor. Keep in mind that this document is merely a disclosure. Read it carefully and ask plenty of questions. Protect yourself and your family as an informed consumer.

  5. Make your expectations clear, and be transparent. This does not require too much additional explanation, but it is worth stating. Your agent is not a psychic or mind reader. If you have specific expectations, you must communicate them. Once again, the more transparent you are, the better your realtor will be able to serve you. This means that you are likely to have a more positive experience working with your realtor and finding the home of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

  6. Prepare for the reality of purchasing your home. It sounds silly, but if you aren’t actually ready to make a house purchase, don’t contact a realtor. You can attend open houses for homes on the market by yourself. All you need to do is contact listing agents to coordinate the showings, but don’t feel obligated to work with them. Make sure you are honest and transparent! Once you are ready to actually make a purchase, then you can get in touch with a realtor. 

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