Ashe County land for saleThe mountains of North Carolina are some of the most visited places in the United States. The beautiful mountain ranges and valleys provide the best peaceful backdrop for a weekend away. Can you imagine living here? We get to experience this every day of our lives. At Century 21 Heritage Realty, we really appreciate these mountains. That’s why you should visit us if you are in the market for Ashe County homes or Ashe County land for sale.

We aren’t the only ones who adore these mountains. Authors from all over the country have based their books in the North Carolina mountains. To get a grasp on how loved these mountains are, we highly recommend a few of the books. One of the most recognizable of the works is the Outlander series. Diana Gabaldon bases her books in Scotland for the first few, but the fourth book in the series, Drums of Autumn, moves to North Carolina. We’ve heard fans of the series flock to the High Country to experience the similarities.

Another book we love that outlines the nature of our mountains is Serena by Ron Rash. The book focuses around two newlyweds who come to the mountains to create a timber empire. George Pemberton has already lived in the camp, but Serena is new and soon proves she can hold up just as well as any man in the North Carolina wilderness. This book takes you back in time to before the mountains were harvested, providing a glimpse of a world forgotten.

You can experience a taste of the mountains for yourself and even make them your home. We have several homes for sale for you to start your new life. Century 21 Heritage Realty also has lots of Ashe County land for sale, if you prefer to work from the ground up. Call us today and start your life in the mountains of North Carolina.