We all know the age old story of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse. The two love their respective homes and the benefits that each provides them. What is not to love about wide open spaces and a better air quality? For those that have never lived in the country, or dwell in the suburbs, you may not think that the quiet life, far removed from the big box retailers and conveniences of pizza delivery is for you, but there are surprising benefits of the country life and owning real estate in a more rural area. According to recent data from the United Nations,  the stats predict that the number of Americans living in rural areas will drastically drop from its current 46% to 34% by 2050. The exodus of the country mouse to the city, in this case, is mostly related to job and economic opportunities, but science has proven that the country mouse can reap plenty of proven benefits from remaining in the country.

Here are 5 Reasons why living in the country, namely, our country, Ashe County in the Blue Ridge Mountains, has its benefits. Our NC mountain real estate agents live, work and play in Ashe County and can help you find the right home or mountain property for your needs and desires. We assist buyers and sellers each day with Ashe County real estate questions and love meeting new people. If you are a newcomer, we would love the opportunity to show you homes for sale Ashe County NC that are perfect for you. If you are a first time home buyer and love the low prices on NC mountain land for sale here, we’d be glad to help you. Click to contact us and find out more.

1. Greenery! It’s not just for Air Quality!

Sometimes referred to as Vitamin G, this aspect highlights the importance ofashe county real estate greenery in our lives. Greenery, in the form of trees and plants, are not only gorgeous to look at, but they provide numerous benefits one being that your brain is able to retain more information and control impulses. This is what a University of Michigan study found when they researched the ways in which humans were affected by spending a few minutes daily on a crowded city street. Another study, found similarly that people living in areas where their views contain concrete and asphalt have higher reported levels of aggression and violence when compared with people who live in the same area, but had a view that contained a view of trees. Of course, we all know that more greenery means a better air quality, more oxygen in the air which helps medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease.

2. Fewer Psychological Problems

Well, after learning about the above studies, this point is a given. The Journal Schizophrenia Bulletin, has included at least 10 studies that have shown that people in more urban areas were more likely to be diagnosed with psychiatric disorders and schizophrenia. Environmental factors, such as those associated with an urban setting, have been known to play a role in the development of mental illnesses. This is especially true for anxiety disorders. Green environments, and country ‘living’ typically are associated with lower levels of sadness and depression.

3. You are Less Likely to be the victim of a violent crime

The population is lower in the country and that means you are less likely to be the victim of a violent crime. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ released an annual, National Crime Victimization survey that reported that violent crime rates in rural areas are ONE THIRD lower than those in urban regions. Of course, it is still smart for country homeowners to invest in a home security system as burglary rates in country regions are usually higher.

4. You are More Likely to Own the Home

Most people dream of one day owning their own property. The possibility of being a homeowner gets a lot higher the further into the country that you go. Homeownership rates are higher in states with rural communities than states with large metropolitan urban centers. The old adage that you ‘get more for your money’ can be applied here. Square footage per dollar is a lot lower in the country. The only real issue is job security and finding employment. Ashe County is filled with a lot of great job opportunities within the healthcare and education sectors in the county. Manufacturing is also still important to the area’s economy. Neighboring counties also have a great deal of options for employment.

5. Lower Costs related to ‘Living’ashe county real estate

When moving to the country, a lot of people report their reason was to enjoy a lower cost of living. It’s not just home prices, too. Sure, home prices are significantly higher in cities such as New York City, and Washington D.C., but food prices are even more insane in urban areas. If you were to check the prices of food and other items in urban dwellings, such as NYC you would be shocked at the exorbitant prices that city dwellers have to pay just to get a box of cheerios. What is even more true is, the food is significantly better in country regions. Access to gardens and farms, as well as the lower cost of groceries makes living in the country a top choice for people that like a lower cost of living, and eating delicious and health foods.